Radio Advertising Inc. (RAI) has over 50 years of experience in Media, Advertising, and Community Service offering a wide variety of original advertising campaigns. Radio is on 24/7 and is an ideal reach medium. No matter how small or large your business; RAI allows creativity to brand and create a unique identity that consumers will remember. We partner with the best stations throughout the country providing businesses custom designed scripts on FM & AM radio and internet streaming.

RAI teams up with radio stations and businesses across the country to help raise awareness of key community issues with campaigns solely focused on making a difference. Our campaigns have highlighted issues such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Anti Drug Abuse, Black History Month, Salute to Troops, Child Abuse Awareness, and Prom and Graduation Safety.

RAI has thousands of the best scripts and campaigns in the industry. Allow us to fulfill your advertising needs and create a campaign that works best for your company.

Below are some examples of spots we have aired throughout the country.

Salute to Troops Breast Cancer Awareness
Child Abuse Awareness Anti Drug Abuse
Prom and Graduation Safety Don't Text and Drive
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